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custom nema enclosures
Custom fabricated precision sheet metal chassis, CNC milling and CNC turning examples

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Division

Fabricated Sheet Metal

Sparton has offered precision sheet metal parts and subassemblies since 1984. We serve a vast array of industries including medical, telecom, datacom, semi-conductor, robotics, photography, detection and sensing.   

As always, our goal is to surpass your companies visual quality standards, shipment after shipment.  All of our punched and laser cut edges are deburred to remove any sharp edges or heavy punch marks.


  • (2) CAM Seats, Metalsoft's Fabriwin
  • (4) CAD Seats, SolidWorks 3D Solid Modeling

Laser Cutting

  • (1) Mitsubishi LVP 3015, 4000 watts, with full FMS (Inventory Tower and fully Automated Loading and Unloading

CNC Punching

  • (1) Amada 358 with Auto load/unload
  • (1) Amada 345

Forming & Press Brake Department

  • (1) Amada HFE, 8 feet
  • (1) Accur Press, 8 feet
  • (1) Wysong, 8 feet
  • (1) Toyokoki HYB, 8 feet
  • (1) Di-acro, 4 feet

Welding Department

Sparton offers both commercial and AWS certified welding. We have the following cerfications:

  • D1.1 AWS Structural Steel Welding Code: Fillets, and various other joints.
  • D1.2 AWS Aluminum Welding Code: Fillets
  • D1.3 AWS Steel Sheet Metal Welding Code: Fillets

Manual Welding

  • (6) Lincoln C300 for GMAW (MIG) Welding
  • (6) Thermal Arc Arcmaster 300 ACDC for GTAW (TIG) Welding
  • (1) 150 KVA Sciacki Deep Throat Spot welder
  • (1) 100 KVA Sciacki Deep Throat Spot welder

Robotic Welding

  • (2) Motoman ArcWorld II-500 Welding Cells

Grinding Department

  • (1) Stroke Sander (Steel Room)
  • (1) Stroke Sander (Aluminum Room)
  • (1) Timesaver 36" Wide Wet Sander
  • (1) SteelMaster 36" Wide Wet Sander, Deburrer, Laser Slag and Oxide Remover
  • Many small abrasive tools for edge deburring

Hardware Department

  • (2) Haeger inserting machines
  • (2) Rivet guns

Plating, Painting and Powder Coating

All of our finishing operations (painting, powder coating, and plating)are subcontracted to our very qualified local suppliers.  We have long lasting relationships and partnerships with our subcontractors.

Custom Chassis

We build custom sheet metal chassis of all shapes and sizes, ranging from small to large in short or high volumes. 

Custom Electronic Enclosures

Need a custom rack enclosure, wall mount enclosure, or control box?  We manufacture NEMA enclosures of varying sizes and volumes.  Bring your design or we can design it for you.  See our NEMA electronic enclosures page for more information about that.

Please visit our part gallery to see pictures of a few parts and assemblies we have built.
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