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custom nema enclosures
Custom fabricated precision sheet metal chassis, CNC milling and CNC turning examples

CNC Machining Division

cnc machining page pictures - CNC turning part nh machine shop part -blue anodized -from cnc turning center with live milling tools complex part from cnc horizontal machining center machined by southern nh machinists

High End CNC Machining

Sparton's machining division is equipped with the latest machine tools offering fast cut rates and fast tool changes.  We buy high end machines from Matsuura, Mori-seiki, and Nakamura because we expect our parts to stand out aesthetically from our competition's parts.  To put out a consistently beautiful machined product, year after year, machines need to be rigid and durable. Our highly skilled machinists can push our machines to the limits producing your parts with fewer equipment breakdowns.  Looking at finished machined parts, produced by Sparton, will make you think our machinists use only slow feed rates. We use aggressive feed rates with very modern cutting tools to achieve very attractive yet efficient finishes.  

If you take pride in your company's product, call us.  We offer a valuable service at fair prices. 

CNC Vertical Machining Centers

  • (3) Matsuura RA-III (2 pallets)
  • (1) Matsuura RA-IV (2 pallets)
  • (1) Matsuura MC-800
  • (1) Mori-Seiki MV-65
  • (1) Robo-Drill
  • (2) Robo-Drills (2 pallets)
  • (1) Matsuura ES-800
  • (2) Mori-Seiki Dura-Mill
5 Axis Milling
DMU50 5 axis mill


CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

  • (1) Matsuura H-405 Plus with 5 tombstones
SH-403 picture (1) Mori-Seiki, SH-403 with 3 tombstones
MAM-500 Horizontal Mill Pic (2) Matsuura MAM-500 with 11 tombstones

CNC Turning Centers

TW-20 (2) Nakamura TW-20 Twin spindle 7-axis

(1) Nakamura SC-300

  • 2.8" Bar Capacity
  • 30 H.P. Spindle Motor
  • 10" Chuck Standard
  • 12 Station Block Turret
  • 50-3500 RPM
  • 13.77" Maximum Work Piece Diameter
    5.5 HP Milling Turret
    Y Axis
    Sub Spindle
    Programmable Auto Tailstock
    3.5" Big Bore
NLX2500 (1) Nakamura NLX2500
NL 2000 Machine Picture (1) DMG NL 2000
WT-100 Image 1) Nakamura WT-100
  (1) Mori-Seiki SL-150

This page is dedicated to our CNC production machine shop, however we also have a prototype machine shop for your short quantity-short lead time jobs.

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